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How should I design my fireplace wall?

Laura Haslett
last month
last modified: last month

This room has fantastic natural lightLight and Windows everywhere. This room alone we have 5 large windows not including 4 more behind me We are getting rid of the bumpout, the cabinet and gas fireplace and installing offwhite ledge stone and an thin long electric fireplace with tv above. i have included a picture of ledgestone that we are using.

My question is which of the two ideas should we do:

1. put ledgestone all around the area, including into the tv nook‘s facing walls, floor to ceiling and then across beneath those two windows

2. Leave the window but build a smaller box behind the tv for the tv equipment, hiding the window, remove the bump out and the rest, install the long skinny electric fireplace below, and do the ledgestone floor to ceiling with the tv mounted, so essentially it would look like a tall 12 foot fireplce wall with a tv mounted and firrplace below

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