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help identifying soil type

last month

I have completed the soil test and I’m having a hard time still deciphering what my soil is made up of. I always thought we had clay soil but I’m beginning to think our soil maybe just really compacted. Here is our jar test after 24 hours. I see a small amount of sand, seems like a large amount of silt and a small amount of clay. Am I reading it correctly or is it like a little bit of sand no silt and all clay 🤷‍♀️. Also here is a photo of the dirt before i shifted it and after I essentially would like to get my dirt more like the sifted but also know that this is a time process. We are in the middle of some major landscaping work in our front yard. With that will come some grading of our yard and in return some new grass. You can see from the cross section photo where we are putting in a sidewalk that our ground looks pretty compacted and our grass/weed roots aren’t really long. Any suggestions/expertise for me?

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