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Patio layout??

last month

Ok am I royally messing up my patio layout here? So originally our house plans placed the dining table in between the living room and kitchen area. However I DO NOT like layouts like this: I have been in to many houses and at to many events like this where I felt trapped in either the kitchen or living room due to people being at the table and not being able to get through. So my husband then suggested a bump out. I didn’t want to take away a whole wall of kitchen for that and also wanted the table more closely related to the living room as my family loves to play games and cards also while watching sporting events. Right now I love the location of the bump out. HOWEVER, it’s taking our once rectangular covered (and retractable screen enclosed) patio and causing it to have juts here and there. My husband says he doesn’t care and the space will be usable just fine. However I’m worried some of this space will not be usable or hardly get used due to being “blocked off” or “in a corner”. Also we will be putting a hot tub somewhere on the patio. Any advice is much appreciated

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