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1920 simple farmhouse kitchen small layout advice

last month

In our old farmhouse we are redoing the kitchen and looking for some thoughts about layout. I'm posting some pictures of the space . I have several ideas but I would welcome someone else's input. I've been reading for months but finally decided to post.
The wall the stove is on is 96 inches to the door trim
The sink wall is 120"
The wall the frig is on is 73" between the door ways
The long wall is 124" between doorways
The sink wall is an outside wall
The stove wall is an interior wall. The rooms thru the doorways step down and have short walls so I can't borrow any space from them.
I would like to add more light. I would love to put in a door outside but can't seem to make it fit.
I have replaced the old stove with a 30" range.
I am adding a 24" dishwasher and am comfortable with a 24" sink.
The opening into the room is from the small living room.
My tastes are simple and I prefer function over form.
I cook and bake a lot

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