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where are my nepetas?

last month
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I put in half a dozen various catmints last year...and there is, as yet, no sign of any of them. WTF? Everything else (more or less) is surging ahead* but not a sniff of a single nepeta. Baffled!

*No sign of sisyrinchiums, ruellia, talinum, callirhoes, echies, verbena corymbosa either...but am far less flustered about them (so far). To my utter disgust, where my nepeta nuda "Romany Dusk was planted, all that is growing is a bloody potato (where no potatoes have ever been grown in 25 years).

Now I am thinking about it, I couldn't see any sign of heliopsis scabra Bleeding Hearts or Lemon Queen (although LQ is under siege from a runaway mentha).

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