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Entryway layout with straight line of site into bathroom

last month

Our entryway area has a great little storage/bench vestibule/area with a ton of storage, a powder room... and a direct view into the toilet as you leave the house, or just walk from living area to dining room. I can't take it anymore.

See below for a somewhat wonky sketchup mockup. Right now there is a pocket door which no one ever closes behind them. There's no room for an inswing door (and I don't think that would solve the problem anyway) so all I can think of is an outswing door like the dotted line below. I have mocked this up with a giant piece of cardboard and you can get in fine even with that shallow closet. But is this a terrible idea?

Any other ideas to hide this terribly laid out bathroom that don't eliminate the otherwise very useful mudroom area?

Thanks in advance for any help

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