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Under counter fridge

last month

The house we bought in SC has a Marvel wine fridge in the kitchen. It's loud and we don't drink enough wine to make it useful for us. It doesn't work to chill other beverages because it frosts up if you turn the temp down low. I'd like to replace it with an under-counter refrigerator - plain old fridge, not a beverage fridge. Though it would likely hold beverages, it seemed like the bev refrigerators were more expensive though many of the regular under counter models are more expensive than what I'll pay for a regular full-size refrigerator. The regular fridge is counter depth so we could use the extra space.

In looking at these there are quite a few brands I've never heard of. Does anyone have experience with these? I want something quiet and reliable (if that's possible these days). I don't remember the size of the one that's there but I'm hoping it's 24" as that seems to be a common size.

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