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Siding Color Help Please! For Hardie panels.

last month

I need to pick out a color asap. Contractor wants SW Duration, as recommended by the manufacturer. Problem is, I can’t find a color that works with my vision and that I love. Closest is Bungalow Beige, which I do love, but it’s darker than I wanted… and I’m afraid over such a large area it will go pink on me. We’ve tried taking out some red, but it either looks green or just not as pretty.
I found a Behr color that seems like it would be perfect, Sculptor Clay.
2 questions:

  1. I am good at seeing color, but not at visualizing how it will look, especially on a whole house! Opinions on the two colors above would be super welcome, as well as any other suggestions. I don’t want greenish or yellowish.
  2. Before I ask the paint store guy (who is great at color and very patient with me!) to try to match another brand, is the best way to buy and paint a sample and use a colorimeter machine?
    Please help! Can’t thank you enough!
    House faces south.

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