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Does anyone happen to own this sconce?

last month
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I am looking for sconces for my family room. i have several I am considering , but this one really caught my eye. It is from visual comfort and new to their Talia line. The chandeliers are everywhere on disolay and seem very popular.

Since this sconce is new to the line, none of my local stores have it on display and online pics that I have found are difficult to give a true depiction of it.

if anyone owns it, could you tell me what color the linen shade is? is it beige/ creamy or more of a white?

is there a wire running through the glass?? the pics looks as though there is a filament wire, but perhaps its just a shadow? i cant tell. I have called online retailers and visual comfort to ask, but none of the reps have seen it in person either. 🤷‍♀️

figured i would take a chance and ask here before ordering one and getting stuck with return fees etc if I dont like it . these are the only 2 pics i can find online.

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