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850ft2 Historic Home - Kitchen Layout Help!

Elizabeth Cohen
last month
last modified: last month

We (husband, 13 yo, Golden retriever, & 3 cats) had a pretty significant roof leak on our very small 1880s historic home last winter. The roof has been replaced, and since insurance is paying for part of the repairs, we decided to do some remodeling. So far, we have:-removed the ancient furnace-installed electric heated floors in the primary bedroom, living and soon to be kitchen. -installed LVL beams and vaulted ceilings in the primary bedroom living/soon to be kitchen (old ceilings were 7 1/2 ish feet)
We would like to relocate the kitchen to the large main room (11’x21.3’) that now has vaulted ceilings. I had a design consultation through the expert, which was helpful in some areas but not in the kitchen layout. The current kitchen is 87 ft2 with four doorways, so literally anything is an improvement! We are planning to put a mud room where the current kitchen is because it snows 10 months out of the year, and we have enough ski gear to outfit an entire team.
I’ve included a floorplan with measurements of the future kitchen, photos, and the layout the expert designer sent. The horizontal window in the future kitchen isn’t historic, so it can be moved/resized/eliminated. We need to have some type of eating area in the kitchen because there isnt a separate dining area.
Thank you so much!

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