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Will Ben. Moore high end paints cover W/O primer? New build.

Jeff Smith
last month

We're painting the new drywall in the whole house ourselves with rollers. It's new construction. The Benjamin Moore paint store gentleman said to use "Ben" brand, which he claims will cover the sheetrock adequately with two coats WITHOUT using a primer first.

We had planned to use one coat of primer over bare drywall, then two coats of paint but if we can save painting an entire "coat" then hurray! The color for walls, ceilings, everything is BM Simply White 2143-70. Ceilings will be flat ultra, walls eggshell, baths will be pearl finishes.

I read about high end BM paints here on houzz but didn't read anything conclusive about using Ben or Regal or Aura directly onto drywall and not applying primer.

Pic from yesterday - they are drywalling starting today.

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