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Can anyone identify this old rose?

Stumbled upon outside a long-abandoned house in the South of Spain, it was a large, healthy, rounded shrub at least 6x6ft and untended for many decades, judging by the roofless and ruinous state of the property! The fragrance was sublime, an intensely sweet old rose, reminiscent of damask, but it could be anything really. It’s a long shot as I couldn’t get a full bush shot in the confined space and there are only buds and a fading (still extremely fragrant) bloom to go on. It did have some distinctive properties though..

Ridged, mid green and toothed leaves flushed pink at the edges of new growth. Very extravagant sepals, lipstick pink slim buds, elongated and variously hairy receptacles, peduncles rather prickly but otherwise averagely thorned.

Any ideas? I would love to get a steer in the right direction at least, since it’s clearly one of life’s great survivors!

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