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Composite sinks- Elkay Quartz Luxe vs Karran Quartz composite

3 months ago

I am trying to decide on which composite sink to choose as a prep sink for the island. I'm planning to get the Elkay Quartz Luxe in Ricotta (35 7/8") as my main sink, and about 4 feet away in the island will be a veggie prep sink.

Ideally I had thought an ~16-18" interior bowl size would be ideal. I really can't go larger given the size of my island.

However, the only small sink Elkay offers is one with just over 13" of interior bowl size. I'm worried that might be too small, but not sure?

Looking around at other brands of composite sinks to see if I could get a better size in a white color that wouldn't be too obviously different from the main Elkay quartz luxe sink.

I came across this Karran Quartz composite, however, I have no idea about this brand or if it will be as resilient as the Elkay Quartz Luxe. I've heard even the Elkay Quartz Classic line isn't as good as the Luxe, so I definitely don't know if any other brands would be as good as the Luxe.

Opinions and advice appreciated! And recommendations for a good prep sink size. Thanks

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