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Medicine cabinet says "recessed mount." Can it be flush-mounted?

My husband swears that when he ordered the cabinet it said "flush or recessed mount," but upon arrival, the cabinet says "recessed mount" and their are no alternate instructions for flush mounting this cabinet. In fact, the instruction indicate in two different places that the main support for the cabinet is the screws that go into the sides of the cabinet and into the studs. It is not your average cabinet, in that it has a very large mirrored door on an otherwise standard-sized cabinet, so I'm thinking about the weight of the door being a problem...maybe? I am not a carpenter, so I am wondering if (a) husband should actually even attempt to flush mount it and (b) if that CAN work, what alterations would he need to make in order for it to be secure? I appreciate any help and (since I've seen comments on other questions about the installer--yes, my husband is handy and did the bathroom himself, but he's never installed a medicine cabinet before). Thanks! (PS--I know that my husband will just wing it and I'm hoping to avoid an expensive mistake).

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