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Dim Dining Dilemmas

last month

The lighting in my dining room is bad. I‘ve discoved David Warfel’s blog and now undstand some of the basics and also what NOT to do. However I’m still having trouble coming up with a solution for this room. Heres what Im thinking right now:

1. Replace the pendant over the table with something larger that provides more diffuse light.

2. Install (2) recessed down-lights over the table to light food/homework. Hopefully i can find something with a narrow enough beam spread to avoid glare.

3. Gain more ambient light by bouncing off the dark walls. This could be via:

a. Recessed gimbal lights. Ive heard Elko Koto is a good line, but i have not dug into the details.

b. Torchiere in the corner, but this might highlight the popcorn ceiling.

c . Sconces on the wall with the kids art.

Am I on the right track here? I feel like this is a particularly tricky room, since it has no exterior windows and 8’ ceilings.

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