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Speaking of sneakers, how do I protect my toes?

last month

A few years back I left my comfort zone wearing all classic white leather Reebok. Still the best shoe ever. After wearing them quite a bit they both have the beginnings of toe blow out, from the big toe.

My main problem is the still new to me Superga classic canvas navy sneakers, the brand Kate Middleton wears, and she has more than one pair of Superga so of course I had to have a pair because it's my style when I wear jeans.

They hardly bend at the toe and let me tell you, after ten minutes of walking you'll be limping.

There are toe gel toe sleeves which cover all the toes, or I can buy an individual toe sleeve, or toe protector, and even ballet toe protectors.

Socks wouldn't help because I'd need thick socks and then the shoe wouldn't fit.

It was a year ago when I fell and got bone bruises in all five toes and banged the top of my foot. Once in a blue moon all of it hurts. The past few days the toes have been aching off and on & I need something to cushion them and feel comfortable at the same time. I'd really like to walk like a normal person in my newish shoes.

Any ideas?

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