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Brizo Vettis Roman Tub faucet not sitting flat mounted on tub deck

last month

We remodeled our master bathroom but kept the drop in tub. The previous roman tub faucet was a 3-holed, c-spout mounted on the tub deck. It looked fine. We ordered Brizo Vettis faucets for the entire bathroom. They are at an 90-degree angle. The sink faucets are mounted on the countertop, which is level, and they look fine. We had no idea that the tub deck is at a slight angle towards the tub, so when the contractor mounted the roman tub faucet, the faucet itself looks pitched forward and the handles tip towards the tub, leaving a gap and slightly scraping to the point where they had to add tape underneath to get them to clear when turning.

I contacted Brizo and at first they said the valves were installed improperly and then they said all of their faucets are designed to be installed on a flat surface. So, no help from them. Our contractor never mentioned this could be an issue and they ordered the faucets last year, but didn't install them until now so we are stuck with them. Does anyone have any tricks or tips to make this scenario look any better? They were expensive faucets and it's disappointing to see them look like the way they do. Thank you!

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