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Tell me your experience with engineered hardwood after several years!

3 months ago

We are looking at the following engineered hardwood for our main level and bedrooms:

LW flooring: Ferrara

I keep hearing mixed things from multiple people, some say YES to engineered hardwood in the main area and it's durable, some say NO WAY and in a few years it'll be torn up by the kids and dogs! This is our home for the next 15+ years.

Does anyone have any ACTUAL experience using engineered hardwood in the main living areas, and have kids/dogs? How has it held up? Do you have photos?

We weren't even considering EVP/LVP until we started hearing random comments here and there about how wood floors aren't what they used to be. So now I'm wondering if we should look into it. My daughter has major allergies (hence changing carpets for hardwood all thru the house), so we were looking for low VOC options which is why I didn't initially consider LVP, but maybe there are some green versions?

Any real life experience on how your engineered hardwood has lasted would be appreciated! Double thanks if it happens to be the brand above!

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