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In Wall Upper Kitchen Cabinets - terrible idea?

Andres G
12 days ago
last modified: 12 days ago

Hi there. First time poster, really love this community. We are in the process of our very first remodel, going after the kitchen. It involves layout changes and we still have some unresolved elements, but my question is specific.

I am wondering if anyone has ever seen upper cabinets built into a wall above a cooktop? We are using Kerf Design as our cabinetry and wanted to keep the space nice and open - its a small galley kitchen. Please see attached photo.

Above the induction cooktop we were thinking of embedding cabinets kinda like the way that the reference photo has built in the vertical cabinet, but it would be horizontal across the wall.

My concern is, including the 24" deep base cabinet, that would mean to reach the back of the built in 12" deep shelving, would be 36". Is this a terrible idea? I can't seem to find any references.

Thanks! - Andres

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