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Gravity Feed water and pressure tanks to boost psi.

S Singh
12 days ago
last modified: 12 days ago

I inherited an acreage I plan on building a home but it's off grid. On this acreage is a mountain creek that I have a water licence to for 500 gallons a day usage.I have 100 gallons collection tank at the top of the hill and have 2 inch pipe running down the hill to a pumping and filtration station will service my acrearge. The 2 inch pipe is reduced to 1 inch to act as a supply line. The water pressure coming out at the end of the pipe is 28 psi. I would like to get the pressure up to 55 PSi ideally for basic residential use.I have seen setups with a pump and pressure tank for shallow wells. Is the same setup appropriate for my needs or can I just use a booster pump to boost the gravity psi up to what I need for a house?If I do need a pressure tank, is there a size people normally select for a two story home? This is new territory with gravity water systems.Thank you kindly for your expertise.

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