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Need help with P A I N T choices

Karen Barden
13 days ago

Hi folks. I have purchased, literally, 28 sample paints (please don’t laugh 😜) and am still not happy with a paint choice. My husband is ready to shoot me and I need some help. We are renovating my master bathroom but didn’t want to change the floor, which in retrospect, was a bad decision. However I’m already too deep into my pocket book to look back. My floor is a taupe/beige marble. We went with a white shower and white quartz countertop called, Carrera Deluxe. I’ve been in the Greige paint family but everything goes green or pink. I think I need to be in the tan/taupe family. Attached is a pic of my floor. I thinking that one day I’d change the floor so I’m trying to make this work for the time being. I’m thinking of painting the wall around a 55-65 LRV color to make the trim color pop. This bathroom is north facing, and is fairly large so this flooring is quite prominent. I need help with the wall, trim and cabinet color (they were cherry but I’m painting them too). Any help you can provide would be SO helpful and so appreciated. I feel stuck now and can’t finish this bathroom until I figure this out - and we’re going on 4 months. 😳

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