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Wobbly / Hollow door frame missing screws?

last month

We are not sure why, but we can hear our upstairs neighbor stamping much more clearly when the doorframes are wobbly.

1) Our bedroom and bathroom doorframe are screwed in place and tightened by screws on the inside of the frame.

some of these holes have screws you can tighten and some of them have just a hole with no screws.

Picture 1 is an example of one with screw and the other without.

Picture 2 is a closeup look on the hole without screw

Is it supposed to be like that?

2) Also on the bathroom door frame, almost all of the holes are filled with grout where the screw/hole are.

why is it like that?

3) Some places, our floor is hollow and the upstairs neighbors can feel it when we stamp on those hollow places. Is it because the vibration is going through those wobbly/hollow door frames? (and wobbly/hollow wall?)

thank you!

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