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Back in MN - with my tank water heater

14 days ago

It was interesting living with the tankless water heater for a couple months. I think we wasted a lot of water waiting for it to heat up. Not sure what's more ecologically desireable - less energy use to keep the tank of water hot or wasted water waiting for it to heat up. Fortunately the place has some kind of device with a timer that you can set for instant hot water during peak times of use. That worked great but when I wasn't in that window of time I'd turn the water on and go do a few other things while waiting for it to heat up. I had to instruct guests on how it worked when preheating was on vs. off otherwise they (all coming from traditional water heaters) would have thought we were out of hot water.

I used to think I had to wait a long time for the hot water to get through the pipes to the faucet even with the water heater tank. However that now seems like a split second after living with the tankless. I have no idea how much extra energy it takes with the preheating device but when I go back I may extend the timing for that as wasting so much water kind of bothers me. On the plus side it is nice not to have a big water heater tank taking up space especially when you don't have the big basement utility room like we have up north.

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