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Trend #57ish, the QUARTERED ROSE BLOOM FORM....what's next?

Moses, Pittsburgh, W. PA., zone 5/6, USA
14 days ago
last modified: 14 days ago

I grew up nurtured on the beauty of the exhibition state of the hybrid tea rose, as being the pinnacle of rose perfection. Rose breeders, exhibitors, rosarians, down to the occasional home garden with only a Peace rose out front to show that they had class, all were indoctrinated with the ideal rose being a bush sporting the standard, exhibition form hybrid tea flower.

Then, something happened, David Austin came along and started introducing 'English,' flower formed shrub roses, with beautiful quartered flowers, most quite fragrant, in colors that OGRs did not come in, and repeat blooming habits that put the old time roses to shame.

I got on the band wagon, to some degree, but to this day when I see a perfectly formed Austin bloom next to a perfectly formed to exhibition standard hybrid tea bloom, I like and enjoy the Austin, but am spellbound by the hybrid tea. I guess old habits die hard.

Should I wait for the next wave of new rose bloom perfection, perhaps single blooms, or even petal-less roses grown for their extreme stamen development, or yet still cactus petaled rose blooms? Do I have enough time left in my God ordained length of life to see it with flesh and blood eyes?


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