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1st bloom on Fortune's Double Yellow playing with Belle Portugaise

2 months ago

We have a massive bush of Fortune's Double Yellow growing on a support at the back of our deer fenced "new garden". It is covered right now with buds. Today I got up on a ladder to see the top of it (there is another storm coming in in 2-3 hours, and I wanted to see it before it started raining for 3 days).

When I got up there, I realized that 2-3 of the FDY blooms were opening already. I also realized that the Belle Portugaise, which was planted nearby and is ahead of the FDY in blooming, has sent long canes over to intermingle with the FDY. Right now there is not much to see, as both roses are mostly producing buds in that area. However, I have great hopes for the next few weeks!

So, here is one pic I took from up on my ladder just now - you can see one almost fully open bloom of FDY, and lots of buds of both roses planning to amaze us in the near future! Stay tuned for more pics - I told my DH to leave that ladder where it is (FDY is already using it for support - will probably eat the ladder soon if I leave it there too long).


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