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Walkway Around Raised Beds

2 months ago

Last year I changed my 25 ft x 12 ft fenced in in ground vegetable garden and put in 3 raised beds. Getting one more this year. I have always used landscape fabric between rows. and everywhere i didnt plant and then under and around the raised beds. I know everyone hates landscape material, but i didnt know what else to do and it worked fine and would last most of the summer. Now i am thinking gravel over the existing landscape material with paver stepping stones for the walkways around the beds.

I dont want to do mulch(woodchips) that break down and have to be replaced every year or every other year. I was looking at different types of gravel and see that something small like pea gravel would need a base gravel, then sand and then the pea gravel. Dont know about a bigger gravel. My husband insists that its fine to just put 2 - 3 inches of gravel and pavers down on top of the landscape material and doesnt want to do anything more than that. We also have red brick around the inside and outside of the fence so we have a border to keep the gravel in .

Is it possible to just put the gravel and pavers down on top of the landscape material, and if so, can i do pea gravel or should i do a bigger gravel? Any advice?

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