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Any advice to do something with my large living room wall?

4 months ago
last modified: 4 months ago

I bought a condo about a year ago and I have definitely procrastinated with decorating. I was much more interested in buying all the things for my kitchen because I love to cook. I hung up my first set of pictures on another wall and am ready to start tackling the big problem.

My living room wall is wide and tall and I have no ideas. I thought of painting it a navy like color, but friends have said it will make my room dark (Indigo Batik from Sherman Williams.) I thought of Ikea bookshelves, but the wall is so tall and I'm pretty short too, so I don't think super tall shelves would work for me.

The wall extends from my dining area to a little nook (I have 0 ideas for that as well.) If anyone has any advise or ideas, please let me know. Thanks so much.

Edit 3/18 - I've added more pictures because some are coming off squished.

Wall width - 26 feet

Wall height - 11.5 ft.

Wall height (Dining area) - 12.5

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