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Non-GE Dishwasher to match my GE Slate appliances

4 months ago

My GE profile dishwasher just died. It had the same issue 2 years ago, so it doesn't seem worth fixing again. I need a new one ASAP as I have guests coming soon. I'm nervous about another GE dishwasher at this point. I'd appreciate any suggestions of a dishwasher brand that is reliable and has a finish that wouldn't look too out of place with my other appliances. OR, if you have a GE dishwasher model that you've had good luck with, that would be great to hear about! I'd like a DW with a third rack and would prefer not to go over $1,000 right now (or at least not much).

The DW is in the island and isn't visible unless you are in the kitchen. I tried to take a photo that showed it in relation to the other appliances:

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