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I’ve been searching for a year for a light foundation type product with decent SPF and have tried many with mixed results. The latest was Perbelle, which I have worn now about 8 times. I was really anxious to try the Chanel Fresh Tint and had to drive an hour to get it. For some reason it does not look on me like it looks on the many youtubers who have applied it on camera. I tried it on a washed and moisturized face, on a washed face, on a face washed and with primer, and washed, moisturized and with primer. It just does not sink into my skin the way it appears to do for others. It looks like I am wearing foundation but paradoxically offers no coverage whatsoever. I have tried applying it with my fingers and the brush and like the fingers better but it’s still not a good look.

I had also ordered another CC cream, Erborian, in a travel size. This is a product like Perbelle but although the cream is all white in the tube it comes in a few different shades. I did not like it at all as it seemed to muddy my complexion despite that the color was the only really good choice for my skin.

So far I like the Perbelle best but it’s by no means the product of my dreams. Next up is the Le Teinte Velvet that Funky has used with such success. All the Chanel products and the Erborian require additional sunscreen though, and I recently bought a clear version from Aesop that is great but unfortunately adds another step to the morning routine.

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