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Last of the houseguests leaving in the morning

last month
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Well, we had a delightful time with these very good friends but I'm looking forward to getting back to "normal". They arrived on Feb 24 and are leaving Mar 5. So one couple for about ten days and the other overlapped for just four days. The ones that stayed longer did go to Charleston for a couple days so that was a nice break. I'm sure I've never had house guests for more than four or five days. Usually at our lake place it was a weekend or maybe a long weekend - three or four days.

These are great friends and pretty easy as far as house guests go but boy, it's a lot of work planning for and feeding people for that long - and we even went out to dinner three times. I'm also a little rusty because lake visitors fell off during Covid and never really returned to the pre-Covid level (part of the reason for selling the place).

I had everything all planned for meals and then the weather didn't cooperate for grilling and I didn't take into account no meat on Friday (and I'm very familiar with Catholic Lenten practices so I should have thought of this) so I had to make a couple mid-stream changes. It all worked out fine and everyone seemed to genuinely like what I had on the menu. I have leftovers and don't plan to cook for at least a week.

The new Bosch dishwasher and induction cooktop were fabulous but the new Moen Arbor faucet at the main sink dwindled to a trickle in the midst of it all - thankfully we have a second sink with a disposal. And the old fridge with door dispenser clogged up and a guest experienced in such matters unclogged it and sent a couple pounds of ice flying across the kitchen floor.

I was constantly on alert for cat box odor with the laundry room litter box location and hoping no one would get up from the sofa with the seat of their black pants covered with white cat hair. The cat with IBD only puked once and he discreetly did it in the living room where we have no furniture so I think no one was the wiser. On a positive note my Thuma bed arrived while the guests were here so we had fun assembling that and being rescued from sleeping on a mattress on the floor.

I'm thrilled friends want to visit and I'm sure this will be the first of many visits from our MN friends who spend winter in MN and our MN friends who spend winter in FL. So I'm making notes from this round for future reference.

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