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Want to elevate house by about 6'

Jeremy Zongker
last month

We have a fairly flat lot on 40 acres. At ground level we can see about 1500' to a small rise in the land on the neighbors property. If we can get about 6' higher we can see over it and have about a 5 mile view. We're looking for a way to accomplish this. I see two options.

Option 1 - Build 6' hill to put the house on. I think we're looking at 100x100x6' for the pad site itself plus a 100x100x3' average ramp in order to obtain a 6 degree slope. That's 3333 cubic yards of fill dirt at say $10 a cubic foot, so $33,330 plus labor.

Option 2 - Build a 2 story house and berm one side so that we enter the main living space on the second floor. We don't need to elevate the pad site now, but need probably 100x150x4.5' average height berm on one side to reach a 9' second floor. That's 2500 cubic yards of fill dirt, for $25,000 in dirt plus labor.

Is either of these options a better idea than the other? If we go with option #1, can we reasonably build a house without worrying too much about the dirt settling as long as it's compacted? Are my calculations way off?

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