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Granite with natural maple cabinets

last month

I'm trying to choose granite. It's a bit overwhelming because even when I see something I like, there can be such wide variation of slabs.

I'll have natural maple cabinets around the perimeter and darker chestnut for the island with a red oak floor. So much brown. So for the countertop, I'm looking at not brown. I don't want black.

I'm looking at grays. I want a good amount of movement, again, to give something interesting among all the brown wood.

I've read a lot on here and I see some people saying to stay away from grays with natural maple, but other places I read that it's a good choice. Opinions?

I like this

Modern Maple Kitchen · More Info

I'm looking at

Sorry I don't have photos readily available and not sure how to get images from other websites in here. Maybe I'll try later when I have more time. Thanks to anyone who clicks on the link.

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