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Kitchen layout with sink and window placement plus an island

Dev G
last month

We are extending our kitchen which will be 16.1 x 16.1 or more. I have laid out my kitchen as a L-Shaped with an island or peninsula on one side whereas the dining table on the other. I have a couple of questions regarding the layout.

First question is regarding sink placement and how far it should be from the wall.

Second, the window is a placement for the sink.

Not sure about the stove and island placement.

The dining table will be facing the backyard sliding door whereas the island or peninsula will be the living room side but not facing the living room.

I am looking for my placement of all these and drew a couple of layouts but not sure which works the best.

Stove wall will be 16.1 feet whereas the sink wall will be 9 feet because of the sliding door.

I want to have both island and dining table, also not sure how it will work.

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