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Urgent. Subway Tile Question

I am ordering tile for my master bathroom. Here is a photoshop of the general idea

This is the shower floor:

There will be a thasos white chair rail. Above it will be these 3x6 blue subway tiles.

Below it will be thasos white subway tiles. Here is the question. These come in 6x12 OR 3x6.


Should the subway tile above and below the chair rail be the SAME SIZE or should I use the larger format subway tile below the chair rail (6x12) and the smaller format above?

If it matters, the remainder of the bathroom floor will be 12x12 thasos white with this tile rug: inset into it

Also, if it matters, the shower/tub area is quite large as we're doing a wet room concept. That entire area within the wooden frame-out is the shower.

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