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New dining room too large for home?

Sum Gai
last month
last modified: last month

Hey guys,

Sorry if my last post was kinda overload. To phrase my main question more precisely: do you think our new dining room is too large for our home?

Measurements are in feet. This is with that wall from kitchen to dining room pulled out 3.5ft from before, making dining room now 16x17.5, living room 22x19.3. There is a walkway straight across there, from hall to bedrooms at right (not pictured) to foyer and beyond at left. House is 3.2k sq ft total, have a family room 14x22, covered porch 27x15.

My mom, whose home this is, has expressed dislike for such a large dining room. Our designer, who we love, tells us it's not too big. But we did love our big living room - with 4 sofas and a chair and a half arranged every which way around all our antiques and decor it wasn't cramped at all. Will it still be comfortable? How much can we fit in there? And that's about a 14ft opening dining to living room to help it open up a bit. Will the dining room feel too formal at this size? Will we be able to fill it comfortably or will it feel like cavernous? We don't plan on an informal dining area, can arrange one but we always loved our dining room. Table is currently sketched with an extra leaf and two more chairs than before.

We aren't sure how we might rectify it, if need be. Would we pull just that 16ft dining room wall up, making the living room kinda L shaped? That would return some space, especially with our tall tray ceiling, but would that extra floor space be hard to utilize with that walkway bisecting it? Or should we give up that linen closet, nook and 6x4 walk in pantry to bring it all back a couple feet? Pantry is preferred.

All thoughts and suggestions welcome, thanks much for your help.

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