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Recent Rogue Valley Roses order

I ordered three roses from RVR a few weeks ago. I wasn't planning on ordering anything from anyone, but I got an email about their sale, and noticed a few that I wanted. Shipped on Monday 2/26, received Weds 2/28. They are (from left to right): Matangi ($17.95), Abracadabra ($22.95), and Adriana ($19.95). Shipping was $12.93. All old favorites. I used to be a regular customer, but got scared of all of the mis-labeling reports, but in Dec 2022 I ordered a couple that were correct and good sized. But I have to say I was fairly stunned at the large size of these bands. For perspective, my self-labeled stakes are 8" high and pushed all the way down. Fingers crossed that they're correct :-D

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