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Artificial turf questions

Ann S.
last month


Our backyard is long and narrow between our house and a high stucco retaining wall. It is entirely cement (not our doing!), approx 1.5 inches lower than the sliding doors that lead to it. We would like to cover it entirely in artificial turf apart from the raised flower beds.

Here are this issues:

1.) We need something dog-friendly.

2.) I've read that in warm climates (we're in greater Los Angeles), artificial turf can heat up, so I'd like to find a turf that is less reactive to heat.

3.) With the elevation of the backyard relative to the doors that lead to it, we need to find an effective but thinnish base layer/padding & turf, or I'm afraid we'll create an invitation to flooding despite an excellent outdoor drainage system.

If there are knowledgable people here who could offer advice, or if I could be directed to some good source material, I'd be very grateful.

Thanks so much!!!

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