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Moody Vs Airy Master Bedroom

last month


I’m looking to give my room a little makeover. its a 15X15 room with 11ft double tray ceilings, with crown molding and light grey marble like floors. Our furniture is walnut color, i have hints of blush vintage pink and muted shades of green in my room. However, the walls our new construction white lol and they are driving me nuts. I need color! I’m ovessed with the idea of a dark moody forest green rooms or Storm in Paris by Tonester, but I’ve never done a dark room and I’m torn with should I go neutral yo take the leap. fyi i live in Florida, so i get plenty of blue sky days, I’m also worried it could make my home warmer as dark does hold on to heat more but it could also help my mind relax hmm. so my question is should I go dark and moody (maybe even Wallpaper) or keep it neutral and safe.

1st two pics is my place (i’ll be replacing the bedframe soon) and the artwork I want to work around. The last one is AI and inspiration of a similar look I like.

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