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Kitchen lighting question - Recessed lighting layout.

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  • We are remodeling our kitchen and figuring out lighting options. The kitchen is divided into zones and potential recessed lighting is marked in the last rendering:

    1) Main area around is around 400 sq ft is 15.5 x 14.5
  • a)We are thinking of 4 x 4" recessed lights evenly spaced in the walkway between the wall cabinets and island. Also planning on led strip lights under the top wall cabinets.
  • We'd prefer the lights to be in a straight line, which mean no task lighting over the counter edge. What other options are there - smaller recessed lights just over the counter top? Maybe Juno gimbal lights for above the countertops and standard recessed lights for the rest of the kitchen)?
  • Another factor is the hood lighting - Are 900 lumens enough?

b) Island: We are planning on a 5 pendant linear light (approx. 2500 lumens) over the 10x5.5 island - which will have a 33" sink. 42" stove hood (900 lumens). We are thinking of 3 lights over the island (sink-side).

  • Would it look odd to slightly offset the linear pendant over the island to accommodate the task lighting over 1 side of the island?
  • Does placing recessed lights over 1 side of the island look odd?

    2) Sitting area by pony wall:
  • Fandelier between sofas- (450 lumens). Thinking 4 smaller recessed lights around the fandelier in rectangle shape (maybe 3" lights). Would like it to be a reading/conversation nook.
  • Question: Do we need more lighting between the island and the sofa area ? Or would lighting around the fandelier suffice?

    3) Dining area: thinking 4 recessed lights (4") and no pendant to allow for flexible placement and shape of the dining table; i.e., we realize that this may need to be switched out. This would also be parallel to the lighting on the other side of the kitchen.

    Any suggestions about the lighting layout overall? Also, brand of lights?

    Thank you for any productive lighting suggestions!

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