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stone steps with a wooden porch?

I've been talking to a landscaper about renovating my front yard......I want to get rid of the lawn over my septic leach field and put in a new walkway from the driveway to my porch (that area is not on the leach field). My porch is about 15' long, with a railing except for the 5.5' where the 4 steps join the porch. Right now both are wood, worn but secure. There are shrubs in front of the railing.

The idea he is proposing is an interlock pathway, leading to stone steps up to the porch - I made sure it wouldn't be a brick-like interlock, but with larger pavers. He believes that stone steps leading to a wooden porch would look fine as long as the colours are complementary, because both are a natural material. I told him I'd think about it, and I know would rather put the money I could spend on a new stone porch into the ground cover and wildflowers that will replace my lawn - but I'm having trouble picturing it. I tried to do a Google image search for that combination, and don't find very many examples. Then again, I don't know if an interlock walkway to wooden steps would look any better, so somewhere I'm going to have to mix stone and wood.

Thoughts about how to mix a stone walkway with a wooden porch? Maybe adding a wood railing on the stone steps would act as a transition?

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