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Vanity design- Opinions requested!! PLEASE

last month


!!Amatuer warning!!.... please help me. Been working on this bath design for awhile now and I think I'm almose "there". Thanks in advance for reviewing this & providing your opinions/advice. Truly appreciated!

Remodel requirements:

  • 72" vanity
  • 2 sinks- not real close to the wall or toilet. Many pics show them closer to the sides of the vanity
  • No moving the toilet
  • Storage
  • Symmetry
  • Timeless styling

Drawing details

  • The walls aren't shown in the drawings. This shows the vanity wall only so picture a wall on the left of the vanity and to the right of the toilet
  • Will use kitchen base cabinets for extra height and depth. The vanity countertop will be 2-3" deeper than normal vanity, because I have the space and think I'd like that
  • The 2 wall cabinets above the vanity are 12" wide & 6" deep and ~ 10" above the counter
  • Thinking Mirror with built in lighting in between the 12" cabinets (haven't checked specs on this possibility yet). Currently looks like I have 48" between cabinets
  • The toilet location in the drawing is accurate
  • Cabinet over the banjo counter/toilet is 1-2" deeper than 6" deep wall cabinets. I didn't draw the cabinet doors in because I don't know what to do about the alignment, see Qestions below


  • Definetly putting in a full corian shower on the other wall, probably in a solid creamy white color
  • Thinking I'll use the same creamy white color for countertop/backspash, possibly a nice ogee edge on the countertop
  • Probably creamy white cabinets
  • Simple tile floor with possibility of a contrasting border desgn, greek key maybe? or just a subtle color contrast


  • What mistakes am I making? Please give me your feedback, let me know what YOU would or wouldn't do and why and if you think I will regret any of these ideas. Trying to think this through so I end up with a bathroom I really like- functional and timeless, one that will age well
  • The sinks are pretty close to the edges of the mirror- your thoughts? Not sure how this will be if I use a mirror with lighting built in around the edges. Do you think it's an issue?
  • What do I do about the cabinet doors over the toilet? If i center them on the cabinet the centerline will be off-center with the toilet and that will probably bug me. Is there a solution?


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