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Cooktop Decals worn off

last month

Hello - Opinions please. I have a Kenmore Elite (Frigidare) gas cooktop - I love it. The only thing that is a problem (a tiny one) is that the decals were almost worn off when we bought our house. I have had to replace them about 1 x per year with replacement decals bought online.

I was thinking this time to try to just make dots where the Lite, High, Med, Low are for each knob, with appliance enamel paint. I read a bit on the internet (uh oh) that you can also use nail polish? Do you think this is worth a try (and if yes, which one do you think has a better chance of lasting)?

Or once again, just do the stove decals? Its not too bad to do, but it is a bit of a hassle - they are expensive. I don't really need them as I cook a lot and I don't even look at them, but if my husband for some reason wants to use the cooktop, he definitely would need them.

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