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Attn: fashion oriented Houzzers - niece on the runway in Milan

last month
last modified: last month

Many of you over here have really great fashion sense/style. Seemed like a perfect place to brag a bit about my niece (we have a very special bond - she’s been my mini me!) - she walked in a few shows for fashion week. This was her first time in Milan.

Had to post one photo of her! So proud - I took her to her first audition when she was around 10. I handle reviewing all of her contracts (I’m an attorney).

She’s juggling college and fashion shoots - she is AMAZING!

Comments (34)

  • Kswl
    last month

    Love the outfit! She sounds like a smart girl and a great reflection on her Auntie.

    dani_m08 thanked Kswl
  • Feathers11
    last month

    How exciting! Congratulations! And I can't help but think how fortunate she is that you have her back legally, too. What a world.

    dani_m08 thanked Feathers11
  • bbstx
    last month

    That is sooo cool!

    dani_m08 thanked bbstx
  • Jilly
    last month

    Dani, she’s stunning! What an awesome experience. And juggling college, too!

    Congrats to you both. :)

    dani_m08 thanked Jilly
  • ilikefriday
    last month

    OMG that is so fabulous!

    dani_m08 thanked ilikefriday
  • maddielee
    last month

    Thank you for sharing. Smart and beautiful!

    dani_m08 thanked maddielee
  • morz8 - Washington Coast
    last month

    She's amazing - and adorable. By now with that many years experience, I'm sure she knows this is hard work. Better the young attempt that than those of us more advanced in years 😊 I'm old enough to remember having worn a dress that length - but I certainly never had those legs!

    dani_m08 thanked morz8 - Washington Coast
  • carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b
    last month

    How cool is that?

    And which designers, please?

    dani_m08 thanked carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b
  • Funkyart
    last month

    Love it-- she is beautiful and what an amazing experience! I wish her well in college and her career!

    dani_m08 thanked Funkyart
  • dani_m08
    Original Author
    last month

    We have similar builds - however, I stopped at 5’7” - she’s just over 6’ tall (I think 6’1”)! She told me that when she was little, she wanted to be an attorney like me - but I think that was mostly because she liked the clothes that I wore to work (especially when I wore long high heeled boots with my shorter skirts 😂) - her mom was the nurse manager for a PICU back then = wore scrubs (now she’s on the business side since obtaining her MBA - dresses a little differently than back then - although more casual than I did).

    @carolb_w_fl_coastal_9b - I‘ll have to make a list! She had a ”go-see” for Prada - but didn’t book that one (she was disappointed).

    I think I’m actually going to travel with her in the fall to Paris - I’ve never been to Paris!

  • maire_cate
    last month

    Thanks for sharing that, especially since many models get a bad rap. Your niece sounds like a smart, focused young woman. And the outfit is stunning.

    dani_m08 thanked maire_cate
  • Fun2BHere
    last month

    How wonderful to have a close bond with your niece. Loved the picture. She looks great.

    dani_m08 thanked Fun2BHere
  • deegw
    last month
    last modified: last month

    Fun! My friend's son was spotted at the age of 19 at a concert and has been successfully modeling for the past five years or so. He's starting to age out!

    Following him has exposed me to some very unusual fashion - I would have never clicked through a Rick Owens show if it wasn't for him.

    dani_m08 thanked deegw
  • mtnrdredux_gw
    last month

    How fun is that? Sounds like you are enjoying it as much as she does!

    dani_m08 thanked mtnrdredux_gw
  • njmomma
    last month

    Wow! Amazing genes in your family. Thanks for sharing. You must be so proud of her.

    dani_m08 thanked njmomma
  • LynnNM
    last month

    How exciting!

    dani_m08 thanked LynnNM
  • teeda
    last month

    Oh wow, how thrilling for her and your family! She is gorgeous.

    dani_m08 thanked teeda
  • gsciencechick
    last month

    That's so awesome. She looks fabulous.

    dani_m08 thanked gsciencechick
  • nini804
    last month

    How awesome! And how amazing to go along on this adventure with her as Auntie Attorney!

    dani_m08 thanked nini804
  • OutsidePlaying
    last month

    She really rocks the runway! Such a beautiful young lady, so no wonder you're proud! And she is so lucky to have you reviewing her contracts.

    dani_m08 thanked OutsidePlaying
  • Arapaho-Rd
    last month

    WOW, dani, that's wonderful for her and you! How exciting! If you go to Paris, you "must" update us here with more photos. You sound like a very proud Aunt and rightly so :)

    dani_m08 thanked Arapaho-Rd
  • dedtired
    last month

    Holy smokes. she is gorgeous and if she looks like you, wowza. Every reason to be proud.

    dani_m08 thanked dedtired
  • salonva
    last month

    Wow. That's quite the real deal. I clicked on your photo and saw a very pretty lady.

    how exciting! thank you for bringing us along - front and center.

    dani_m08 thanked salonva
  • sas95
    last month

    She's beautiful! Thanks for sharing this.

    dani_m08 thanked sas95
  • Annie Deighnaugh
    last month


  • mollycats
    last month

    Congratulations to your beautiful niece!

  • nicole___
    last month

    WOW! Your niece is rocking it! She looks the part to a "T". Such a lovely lady, your niece seems to have her head on straight with college goals. I love a success story.

  • yeonassky
    last month

    Your niece looks wonderful and fabulous! So glad for her that she found something that she continues to do. I hope she gets every gig in the future that she wants! Congratulations to you both!

  • rubyclaire
    last month

    How exciting - for your neice and you!

  • legomom23
    last month

    How fun!! Enjoy the ride:)

  • Bethpen
    last month

    What a fabulous adventure! She's lovely!

  • petalique
    last month

    Dani — thanks for sharing. What a fantastic looking neice. Gorgeous.

    My best to both of you.

  • pudgeder
    last month

    Smart girl!!

    What an opportunity she has!

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