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Lighting help - skylight over island and different ceiling heights

last month

We are looking to install a roof lantern into our existing kitchen extension and moving the kitchen layout about as well. We want a large lantern (looking at 3m x 1.5m if possible) to maximise the light in, as the kitchen is northeast facing and we have a pocket of darkness towards the hallway.

The lantern will end up going directly over the kitchen island - approximate location of skylight marked by the red box. The yellow highlighted area is where the ceiling is higher as well. Not sure how we can go about getting pendant lights to work and look good, if at all, or if we should go another way by track lighting/cable lighting instead? Or anything else that comes to mind that could work?

I don't want to split into two lanterns because I'd rather not compromise on the natural light, which is already minimal. Just after some thoughts on how best to make do with the lighting?

The kitchen would be along the wall at the top of the plan, have added in a visual as well if that helps. Thank you!

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