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Need ideas on decorating an Assisted Living, one bdrm. apt.(?).

last month

My husband needs Assisted Living, we found a place near our home; since he will have 3 meals a day, no need for kitchen; dark cabinets, fridge which is mid height with a very small microwave on top. Small sink and hardly any counter space and the microwave needs moved to counter for safety reasons. The main part, living area has these two large columns set out two feet on either side with a total build in to wall, no storage, YUCK! Bedroom will hold queen bed but he also has to have room for his electric wheelchair to move around. Bathroom has tiny sink with no counter space, just medicine cabinet on wall beside. Shower is no step, there is room to swivel chair around. It is depressing. Some apartments have small decks, takes a few sq. ft. from bedroom where chest of drawers could be put. I had a home built nine years ago, stroke was 11 years ago and he is failing. Do not have a lot of money for changes and of course since it is rented can't do a lot of changes. Those columns are only for looks not structure but not allowed to remove.

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