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Help identify this plant?

last month

Hi there. This shrub/tree was at our house already when we bought it 2 years ago. Can anyone help me identify it? I plugged it into Google photo search but got a variety of results.

Mostly I want to make sure it is not invasive, and understand how it might behave if I divide it and place one somewhere else on my property. It seems like it could be a nice privacy plant but I don’t want to spread it if it’s invasive. I’m a little paranoid because the previous owner had planted burning bush and I am quickly learning how invasive that is (and how challenging it is to get rid of).

It’s about 5’-6’ tall, 6’ wide. 100lb dog in the photo for scale. It’s pretty leggy and gangly but I think this is because it’s growing in heavy shade (under a large white pine tree with low branches), so I think it’s getting leggy as it reaches for the light. I’ve never pruned it.

In the 2 years, I only see about 2 offshoots around it, so it doesn’t seem like it’s spreading fast.

It’s evergreen in zone 5b (Brunswick Maine).

Any ideas?

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