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What flooring for kitchen when adjoining rooms are hardwood?

last month

We are planning a kitchen remodel. We plan on getting white cabinets and gold pulls. Our inspiration is something like this:

We are having a difficult time deciding on flooring. The two adjoining rooms to the kitchen have existing hardwood. The hardwood transition currently looks like this:

We are considering a few different options.

  1. Extend the hardwood flooring. We could go with hardwood flooring in the kitchen and try to match the existing hardwood. We like the look of hardwood in the kitchen and also like the idea that the whole floor will have matched flooring. The cons are that hardwoods are damaged if there were a water event and that two flooring companies told us that they would do their best to match, but that it likely will never be a perfect match. Cost is also another concern.
  2. LVT/LVP product that contrasts with the existing hardwood. We've been told we'd likely never find a wood-like LVP that would match the hardwoods so that a contrasting color/design would be preferable with this route. We don't love the look as much with this route, but it has been recommended twice now and of course is much more budget friendly.
  3. Although, my research indicates that LBT would only work well if it contrasts, I have been wondering if a differnt shade of wood and a herringbone pattern would help create the contrast. Do you think this would create enough contrast?
  4. Tile. Like LVP we would find somethings that contrasts with the wood. Pros are that tile is water resistant and cons are mainly that so far kitchen tile is not our favorite look.

What would you recommend? Thanks!

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