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Choosing tile trim against windows

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Hoping to get some thoughts on this topic. I've got 4 windows in my kitchen with black frames (marvin ultimate, new contstruction windows) as part of my remodel. It's 2x4 exterior wall framing, and my windows sit flush with the drywall.. I won't have a sill technically, and I am okay with that.

I will be tiling my entire wall (not just the ktichen, but going into the living room around my patio door and finally ending at the fireplace which will be tiled with vertical tile). Doing this to create an accent wall and to avoid stopping my kitchen tile in the middle of the wall.

I have 3 different pieces of schluter trim I purchased to compare. Photos attached. I am stuck on which one.

PIC #1 - Black Jolly trim

PIC # 2 - White Jolly trim

PIC # 3 - Black Quadec trim

I really dont know which one I like the most. I have leaned a little more towards the black quadec because it looks like its part of the window frame and sort of deepens the frame a bit. I could even adhere it to the frame itself on that final interior edge to have it feel like a deeper frame. Would probably ruin the frame if i ever had to take it down so that might not be smart.

My concern.. is it poor form to have white tile ending at black trim? or vice versa.. white trim overlapping a black window frame. I have considered casing around windows, but i just dont think it will look good with the 6" spacing between the winows.

Bonus question... anyone have any good ideas on how to create a sill in this situation? Mainly for if my wife wants to put up plants, we dont have a sill with the current window. Dont really want to install anything onto the window frame and they are casements so the handle is in the way anyways. Or are there things I can install that would act as a holder for plants (i am thinking like a hammock or basket or something that extends from one wall to the other. If it helps, I will have 3 inches from my counters to the bottom of the window. I plan to use that up with a 3" backsplash strip with same quarts as countertops.

Thanks for any help.

EDIT: Here is a picture of the kitchen in its drywall stage for reference.

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