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Help with family room/kitchen remodel layout

last month

We are purchasing this home and are considering options for remodeling the family room and kitchen. There are a few things about the lay out that are less than ideal and hoping for some ideas from you all.

  1. Family room has this near corner gas fireplace. The other side opens to the patio with a summer kitchen and gas oven. Unfortunately I think our option is to leave this in the corner where it belongs. The issue is - the entertainment center that is currently in place comes out a near 3-3.5 feet. To the right - the glass cabinet houses the termination to the internet and coax (I understand this can always be moved).

As the current layout stands, there is a large empty wall on the right you see the prior owners have decorated with family photos. Behind this wall is the guest suite.

We would really love to open this room up and eliminate the entertainment center and then install large near floor to ceiling windows in that area. Of course these would be to the right of the fireplace. I’m not sure how this would look.

The large empty wall you see with the pictures would then become the focal point for a flat screen TV with the couch facing it. My only apprehension then is the fireplace will be behind the couch.

The final and last thought would be to entirely eliminate the gas fireplace. Cap the line and have that entire wall as a fresh canvas for a large window.

  1. The kitchen is decent size but we really don’t like the bar area setup and find the island to be too narrow. Problem is the plumbing is set up for the sink and washer in that area. We would love to just have a large island with dishwasher and sink incorporated but I’m guessing this will likely involve readjusting water lines and likely entail floor work? Any suggestions on how we can utilize this space better? We’re really aiming to extend the cabinets to the ceiling, do a copper hood or similar over the gas burner, double ovens and do high end appliances here so really want to set this area off.

Any and all suggestions are most appreciated! Thankyou!

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