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Orange Glow Knock Out came from Amazon.

Moses, Pittsburgh, W. PA., zone 5/6, USA
last month
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Well, the little pip-squeek growing in a 2 gallon pot may be what anyone ordering OGKO from Amazon will get, so don't be as disappointed as I am by its size. It would be small for a pint pot. Nevertheless, I will go with the flow and see how the thimbling does.

You can plainly see the 1.5" plug the rose was growing in before placed into a 2 gallon pot. It's sticking up above the potting mix a bit. No cutting is apparent, perhaps this is a tissue culture start, which in a way is good if that's the case.

It's just coming out of dormancy so I estimate the rose is no older than 12 mo., with stems that are cooked spaghetti thin, but healthy looking. No shoots are more than .25" long.

My disappointment with its miniscule size may be the only negative aspect about this little mite. Time will tell.


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